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Just A Mom

Are you “just a mom?” I was ignoring that little voice inside me, telling me I wanted more. But I’m not anymore.

Just A Mom -


Just a Mom

We’ve all done it: made ourselves feel smaller.

My poison of choice: “I’m just a mom.”

At a party, in line waiting for something, any time there was small talk… Someone would eventually ask, “What do you do?” and each time I would reply, “I’m just a mom.”

Why the qualifier? Why did I have to say JUST and discount the work that I, and all moms, do?

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A Lost Identity

I’m not sure if I had been saying for all 8 years I had been a mom or if this was something that came after baby #3. I realized I wasn’t sure about my own identity. I was a mom, but what else?

For as long as I can remember, I have tied my worth to my income earning potential. I babysat the kids across the street before I could drive, I worked through high school, through college, and throughout my first pregnancy.

Then I became a mom. A job that pays in cuddles, giggles, and lots and lots of messes. As happy as I was, I wanted more. And by more, I meant money and a purpose.

I didn’t just want money, I wanted to earn and contribute, to be a partner. My husband parented right alongside me, but he remained the sole earner. We both felt it was important that one of us stay home with the kids and he had the earning potential to support our family. So that’s what we did for several years.

But my need to have that contribution for self-worth never really left.

An Introduction to My Future

When my friend invited me to her Rodan+Fields business launch I went to be supportive, but knew I wasn’t interested. That changed when I saw this before and after photo of a mutual friend, Amy.


Rodan+Fields Before and After -
The before and after photo that made my jaw drop. Starting at the top, these photos were each taken 6 months apart.


I would find a way to afford the products that gave these kind of results!

The Proof is as Clear as the Skin on My Face

A few months later, I ordered the products. My personal skin dilemma: I was pregnant and did not have that mother-to-be glow. After 3 summer pregnancies, my ever-worsening Melasma was affecting my confidence.

After getting my doctor’s approval, I began using Rodan+Fields and I noticed an immediate change in my skin! I could go on and on about the improvements, but this picture is proof.

Personal Before and After with Rodan+Fields
My personal before and after August – February

A Confident, Contributing Entrepreneur is Born

After seeing my own results, I decided to jump into the business. Finding Rodan + Fields has helped me more ways than I ever thought possible.

  • I have the greatest skin of my life.
  • I’m able to bring in a residual income while staying home with the Smalls.
  • I have gained self-confidence.
  •  I am helping others start their own businesses and gaining connections that fill more than just my need to contribute.

The Journey is Worth It

I am a mom first, but no longer need the “just.” I am a mom, wife, daughter, friend, volunteer, blogger, entrepreneur, and so much more. We are all so much more than we give ourselves credit for. Click To Tweet

Do you have a “Just”? Is there something that you have put on the back burner? Let me know in the comments.






Try it: Tone It Up

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The week leading up to the New Year is always difficult for me. The rush and joy of the holidays are over, the weather is gross and I miss my Dad and sister a little more than usual. So I take inventory on the past year, decide what I want to change and plan to attack my New Year’s Resolutions… until February when, like everyone else, life gets in the way and I fall off track.

I was almost 5 months postpartum and things were not snapping back into place after Baby #3. Granted I started off pregnancy #3 a little squishier than usual too, exercise has never been something I stick with. I knew I wanted to get healthier and to be totally honest, I really just wanted to look better. I knew I would be limited with an infant’s demands and schedule, so it would have to be something I could do quickly and on my own time. Childcare at the gym didn’t start until the baby was 6 months old and classes at other studios were out do to lack of childcare. I had a drawer full of exercise videos, but I knew myself well enough to know I wouldn’t stick with them.

Then I remembered watching a show on Bravo while I was pregnant. Toned Up, featured two super fit, quirky and inspiring BFFs, Karena and Katrina, who created workout videos on the beach in Southern California. I was instantly addicted to the show… I mean it was on Bravo, and I am a Bravoholic to the core. But I was pregnant and not looking to workout, so I had forgot about it until I was staring at my lumpy postpartum body. I checked out Tone It Up, and found they were starting their Love Your Body Challenge on New Year’s Day. I decided to give it a try.

My fitness buddy on our first workout together.
My fitness buddy on our first workout together.

I started January 1st, just like everyone else. But a few weeks in I realized, I had finally found what I was looking for… and so much more! First, I could stream the free YouTube videos to my living room television. The videos were easy enough for a beginner, but still challenging as my fitness level improved. The weekly workout schedule takes the guesswork out of what to do when and keeps me from getting bored. The videos are quick and efficient, perfect for first thing in the morning (#tiubootycall) or fitting in during nap time, your lunch break or after work. At first I struggled through the workouts, but Karena and Katrina are so inspiring… it’s like they are there with you and know you are about to give up and they will say “stay with me” or “remember why you started” and just like that I could push through and finish. It sounds a little silly, but here we are in October and I haven’t given up… I’m actually in the middle of the Fit For Fall challenge!!

Getting fit and giving back!! These girls do things right!
Getting fit and giving back!! These girls do things right!

The best part of Tone It Up, and the part I had no idea I was looking for, is the community. I started an Instagram account for fitness accountability, you can follow me @kateandsmalls.tiu. There I found the most amazing group of real, inspiring, and always motivating women. If I’m feeling lazy, I scroll through my IG feed and see women from around world that have killed their workouts and it really motivates me to get up and do something. If I’m having a hard day or had a bad workout, there are women who sympathize, support and encourage me. When I feel like I’m not seeing any changes, there are women that share their journey, progress pictures and reminders that these changes take time. Everyone’s journey is different, we each have our own struggles and goals, but we, as the TIU community, are there for one another through it all! And I know I’m not the only one who’s day is made by a little trainer love, @karenakatrina are always encouraging the TIU team on IG.

<3 what these two have created

Not only are these women gorgeous, but they are smart too! Growing an empire of their own. They now have 3 Beach Babe DVDs full of amazing workout videos in fabulous locations. Their book, Tone It Up: 28 Days to Fit, Fierce, and Fabulous, is a great way to help create new habits and focus on your health. They have created Perfect Fit protein powder, quinoa crisps (which are amazing!!) and tea. They have Tone It Up apparel which includes new affordable workout clothes and helped design some amazing Maaji bikinis… totally a goal of mine to wear one some day! And the Holy Grail, the TIU Nutrition Plan filled with tons of recipes and guides you to make better choices. It has taught me not only what I should be eating but when I should be eating certain things. They also include updates for life!

These pictures are mortifying to make public, but you can't deny the progress.
These pictures are mortifying to make public, but you can’t deny the progress.
Half way thru the Bikini Series. Four weeks being on the Nutrition Plan = progress!!
Half way thru the Bikini Series. Four weeks being on the Nutrition Plan = progress!!

It took me 4 moths of sticking with the workouts to reward myself with the Nutrition Plan… and what a reward! The biggest changes I saw were when I started following the Nutrition Plan during the Bikini Series this past April. It was the missing piece. I still struggle with following the plan 100%, but I’m aiming for an 80/20 lifestyle. However, it is nice to know what to do to see results. I’m still a work in progress, but I’m getting there. I’m finding some balance, changing my body for the better, getting stronger, faster and more confident all while setting a good example for my smalls (who love to join in from time to time)! I have Tone It Up to thank for all of it! You don’t have to wait for the New Year to start, start now – go into the holiday season equipped with a plan! Do it for you, who knows you just may like it!!



p.s. This is not a sponsored post, these are 100% my personal opinions. TIU has changed the way I view my body and think of exercise! If you are looking for a community of great women find them on Instagram by following #TIUteam for daily fitness inspiration and motivation.