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Tone It Up Bikini Series 2016

Are you bikini ready? I’m know I’m not! That’s why I’m excited to challenge myself to the Tone It Up Bikini Series, it starts Monday, April 25th! And you should join me… I need all the accountability I can get. Last year I made it halfway through, but this year I want to complete all 8 weeks.


Tone It Up Bikini Series -
Need an accountability partner? Find me on Instagram. Photo: Tone It Up


The beautiful girls at Tone It Up have taken all the guess work out of getting bikini ready — or tankini ready, if you are dealing with some Mommy Tummy, like I am. They have laid out 8 weeks of workouts for FREE. You can watch them from your phone, tablet, computer or stream them to your television. Their workouts are fun and quick, but challenging. The Tone It Up Bikini Series includes a little bit of everything, HIIT, Yoga, Boxing, Barre, Kettlebells, and more. My favorite part is almost all of the workouts can be done at home!

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For members of the Nutrition Plan (yes, you have to pay for this part) they have taken the time to create 8 weeks worth of meal plans! All TIU approved meals, snack and even treats to keep you fueled during the Bikini Series.


Tone It Up Bikini Series -
Join the Nutrition Plan for 8 weeks of TIU approved meals. Photo: Tone It Up


I’m all in and I hope you will join me for the next 8 weeks. I’ll be taking the dreaded before pictures this weekend. I don’t enjoy taking them, but it is the best way to see the small changes over the weeks. Plus they are great motivation when you start to get discouraged or wonder why you started in the first place;)


Tone It Up Bikini Series -
I’m all in! Are you? Photo: Tone It Up


Join me and the huge TIU community on Instagram for tons of support and motivation. Follow #tiubikiniseries, #tiuteam to find the latest posts.



p.s. You can check out a little more of my Tone It Up journey here.