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I Wish I Were A Runner

The journey begins

On my fitness journey I’ve discovered many things about myself, one of them is painfully obvious… I am not a runner. I run often, yet that does not a runner make. I always find it challenging and not enjoyable. I feel great when its over, but I’m completely miserable from beginning to end. I am not built for running. I have short legs, big boobs and apparently the lungs of an 80 year-old chain smoker. But it’s such and accessible form of exercise, I can do it anywhere and I can include the kids… its the perfect fit for my current situation, yet I loathe it.

I want, so badly, to be one of those girls in the cute outfit killing it on the treadmill,  or the fit mom effortlessly pushing the jogging stroller through the neighborhood or the uber-confident girl running on the beach in a bikini (seriously, how do you do that?!?). I want to feel that “runner’s high” that runner speak of. I’m not sure what kind of euphoric state I’m expecting, I’ve built it up so much in my mind, that I’m bound to be disappointed – but I still want to experience it. I want to cross the finish line at a race, any race, and feel that sense of accomplishment. I really want to be a runner!

I blame this Bugaboo ad for my unrealistic expectations!
I blame this Bugaboo ad for my unrealistic expectations! Seriously, I want the stroller and the body!

And in this day and age…there’s an app for that! I will admit this is not my first go around with the Couch to 5k (C25k) app. I tried it when I got my first smart phone. (I told you, I’ve always wanted to be a runner!) But just downloading the app didn’t make me a runner. I gave it a go, then it got hard and I quit. I’m an excellent quitter, I do it early and I do it often. Change is HARD!! And uncomfortable… but there is no progress without change. So I have started to use the C25k app again, and I have made it to Week 7 out of 8, I am running for 20 minutes non-stop!!! Which is nothing to most people, but to a want-to-be runner its pretty amazing. Its still a struggle, but I’m pushing through. This time I refuse to quit!!

And to make sure that I don’t quit this time… I signed up for a 5k!! A Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning! And yes, I was one of those people that mocked all those Turkey Trotters in years past… that day is a day dedicated to eating. But what a great tradition to start with my smalls, who will doing the 1 mile fun run! To not only tell them to make healthy choices, but to do it together. To lead by example and to show them that exercise is not something to loathe, it should be part of a healthy and balanced life style. Then we will come home and enjoy my favorite holiday… and not just because it’s about eating. Thanksgiving is the one holiday that is not centered around gifts or sweets, but being together with loved ones and being so thankful for each other and all the amazing things we are fortunate enough to experience in this life.

So for now, I will continue to run. I will push through with my headphones on, music blasting, cute outfit and jogging stroller in tow (I can totally look the part). Hoping that if I stick with it, it will become easier. That I will start to enjoy it. That I will cross that finish line. That I will become a runner!!

Every Sunday is now my 5k #SundayRunday
Every Sunday is now my 5k #SundayRunday

So for all the runners out there, how did you learn to love running? Any training tips?