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Try It: Shaving Cream Easter Eggs {My Pinterest Fail & Redemption}

Happy {almost} Easter!! If you have kids, I’m sure you are dying eggs and going on many Easter Egg Hunts this weekend. I wanted to try something new this year, so The Smalls and I attempted Shaving Cream Easter Eggs, we failed miserable but were able to redeem ourselves.


Shaving Cream Easter Eggs {My Pinterest Fail & Redemption}


Like any modern day mom and procrastinator, I turned to Pinterest. There were tons of options, shaving cream or whipped cream, with vinegar or without, dye the eggs first or go natural… decisions, decisions. **We ended up with a combo – because we needed to do this whole process twice. So learn from our mistakes!


Here’s what you will need:

  • hardboiled eggs (cooled)
  • shaving cream
  • food coloring (liquid or gel)
  • vinegar (for more vibrant color)
  • disposable foil pan or rimmed cookie sheet
  • toothpicks
  • paper towels
  • disposable table cloth or newspaper
Shaving Cream Easter Eggs -
First attempt supplies. After our Pinterest fail, we added vinegar and LOTS of paper towels.


How to:

  1. To avoid a big messy clean up, I put down a disposable tablecloth we had left over from a birthday party.  I hard-boiled the eggs the day before, so they were cold. Spray shaving cream into foil pan or cookie sheet. You’ll need an inch at most – I learned that the hard way. Attempt one had too much shaving cream.
    Shaving Cream Easter Eggs -
    Explaining the directions before letting The Smalls dive in.


    Shaving Cream Easter Eggs -
    Our 1st attempt fail. We kept 3 and re-dyed the rest


  2. Drop in a generous amount of food coloring. Our first attempt did not have enough color, so for our 2nd attempt we loaded up on the color. **We added a few drops of vinegar and food coloring in a small glass, then used a straw to drop into the shaving cream.
    Shaving Cream Easter Eggs -
    2nd attempt with vinegar added for more intense colors


  3. Drag a toothpick through the droplets to create a marbled look. **We kept the colors separated a bit to avoid making everything gray.

    Shaving Cream Easter Eggs -
    Mixed the colors with a toothpick a little more for round 2
  4. Now for the messy  fun part! Slowly roll the egg through the shaving cream. Making sure to get all of the egg. **On our 1st attempt we had way too much shaving cream, so the color didn’t adhere to the eggs very well.
    Shaving Cream Easter Eggs -
    The fun part, rolling the eggs in the colored shaving cream.


  5. Remove egg from shaving cream and place on a paper plate or paper towel. I used a paper towel inside a casserole dish and the lid to the disposable foil pan to avoid rolling eggs. Let sit. **1st attempt we did 10 minutes. 2nd attempt we did 30 minutes – we really didn’t want to have a Pinterest fail twice!
    Shaving Cream Easter Eggs -
    Let eggs dry on paper towels for 30 minutes before wiping off


  6. Wipe off excess shaving cream until eggs are dry. This will require a lot of paper towels. **1st attempt directions said to rinse the eggs and then dry. When we tried this most of the color was washed away.
Shaving Cream Easter Eggs -
The finished product! Happy Easter!


It may have taken us two attempts, but The Smalls loved it. They didn’t have quite the marbled effect I was hoping for but it was a different method and we all had fun. And in the end we still had pretty Easter Eggs to hide. Hopefully my Pinterest fail and edits help you. Happy Easter from our family to yours!!




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