About Kate

I’m Kate! I’m a mom to 3 amazing (in my opinion) kids. And the wife of an entrepreneur, which takes a special set of skills and patience that I still haven’t quite mastered after all these years. His fearless drive and determination are balanced by my cautiousness and uber-scheduled tendencies. We’ve gotten into a groove with our growing family, with the older two in school and the baby at home, everyday presents its challenges but we are finding our way.

Along that way, I’ve lost bits of “me”. Which often happens when you have a lot of little people to care for. So I’m shaking things up a bit, making myself a little uncomfortable and setting a good example for my smalls. I’m trying things, so they will try things and maybe I’ll even inspire others to try something new!

I hope to show them life is meant to be lived to the fullest, to find humor in the uncomfortable moments and to always give it your best try. This will certainly be an adventure of all things Kate and Smalls!

Thanks for stopping by!

Megan Hsu Photography
Megan Hsu Photography