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Negative Calorie Detox -

Sugar and caffeine have been the foundation of my food pyramid for the past few months. So when I read about the Negative Calorie Detox from my friend, Lauren, who blogs at Working Mom Magic… I was intrigued. I could drop a couple lbs. and more importantly get a handle on my sweet tooth which had gotten a bit out of control.


I immediately requested Rocco Dispirito’s new book from the library and after a short wait I was reading about this different (but not too different) way of eating and the detox he recommends. This detox would mean giving up coffee, my trusted companion and source of energy… but if I was feeling this way about the caffeine, maybe it was more of an addiction than I wanted to admit and it would be good to break up for a bit.


Negative Calorie Detox -
The Negative Calorie Diet by Rocco Dispirito


Negative Calorie Detox -
Reading the book in bed with pie… obviously I needed this sugar detox!


I am not a fan of detoxes, but I have successfully completed a few over the years. I’m generally not good with eliminating too much at once. The Negative Calorie Detox was the most generous with what was allowed. I would still be eating real food and drinking 3 smoothies a day. I love smoothies and often start my day or follow up my workouts with one. The recipes in the book looked fantastic, so I planned out which recipes I wanted to try, made my list, bought my ingredients and started to prep.


Doing a detox is all about preparation. You will not be able to just grab something while you are… Click To Tweet


Every meal  smoothie has to be planned for and because you will be looking forward to the one meal you can enjoy a day, it’s best to plan those in great detail too. You will also need a good blender, nothing ruins a smoothie than big chunks of greens.


Here is my day by day account of the Negative Calorie 10 Day  5 Day Detox:


Day 1: Starting out I felt excited and prepared to tackle the day, even if it was without coffee. I chose hot water with lemon and the Cucumber Strawberry Green Smoothie to start the day. The smoothie tasted great and kept me full for a while. Making lunch for the Smalls was a bit challenging, their sandwiches looked amazing in comparison to my Bloody Mary Smoothie. We decided to go strawberry picking in the afternoon. I had to resist the amazing homemade ice cream while the Smalls enjoyed theirs…that was a HUGE challenge for me. But I survived and came home to make a Strawberry Shortcake Smoothie with the fresh strawberries, it was delicious and hit the spot. I felt like I hit the wall around 3pm, I really wanted to eat something or have a cup of coffee. I was tired and my patience was waning. Dinner was a challenge too. I was hungry and the mushroom soup I made was not getting it done. After dinner I really, and I mean REALLY, wanted something sweet. I spotted a Cadbury Cream Egg and could not stop thinking about it. I made a cup of tea and headed to bed to read for a bit. I made it without cheating, but it was not easy by the end of the day.


Negative Calorie Detox -
The Smalls strawberry picking.


Negative Calorie Detox -
Holliday’s 1st time picking strawberries… she was a natural!


Negative Calorie Detox -
The Strawberry Shortcake Smoothie was a hit with the Smalls.


Day 2: Started out rough, really missed my morning cup of coffee. I was feeling the effects from not having my usual cup as soon as I woke up. The dull headache and general fogginess were getting the best of me. I stayed the course and had my smoothie and hot water with lemon. My lunch smoothie was a delightful surprise, the Orange Greensicle was delicious and filling. We had some errands to run and I think being out of the house made it a little easier to not focus on food. For dinner I did a BIG chef salad from the book, it was filling and most importantly it was a meal I could chew!! A cup of tea to finish off the evening and I’m calling Day 2 a success!


Negative Calorie Detox -
My favorite the Orange Greensicle Smoothie


Day 3: Today I cheated…sort of. I had my first two smoothies and was still hungry after lunch, maybe it was all the jumping at the indoor trampoline place, maybe it was the fact that I don’t feel satisfied drinking my meals. So I ate the left over salad from the plan for a snack. I did not have my 3rd smoothie since I did feel full and it was time to start prepping the Flank Steak with Mustard Greeens, Horseradish and Apple. This was just what I needed, lots of protein (in chewable form) and tons of flavor. This meal pleased the whole family, well almost the whole family. The youngest was not a fan, but she did try it;) I’m now halfway through the detox (or at least the 5 days I am doing) and feeling decent… not great, but I hope that part comes in the next day or two.


Negative Calorie Detox -
The Cucumber Strawberry Green Smoothie was easy to prep. I started each day with this smoothie.

Day 4: I made it through the day and the end is in sight. Nothing new today, except the fact that I was freezing all day. I’m starting to think coffee has been my source of warmth too. It was 70 degrees and I needed a big sweater in addition to my long sleeved workout shirt, I just couldn’t shake the chill. My guess is that 3 frozen smoothies were the cause. I spent a little time in the sun and had a warm bowl of the mushroom soup with the left over flank steak for dinner. I felt full all day and best of all I had NO sugar cravings. The need to have something sweet after dinner was gone. That is HUGE for me and it was the entire purpose of this detox.


Negative Calorie Detox -
The Bloody Mary Smoothie… not bad, just not close enough to the real thing.


Day 5: The last day!! I called it quits in time for cocktail hour – it was Friday after all and our 3rd week of Spring Break, mama needed a drink and the Bloody Mary Smoothie was a tease – I wanted the real thing! I started with the my trusty Cucumber Strawberry Green Smoothie, lunch was my favorite Orange Greensicle and I finished up with Spiced Apple Pie Smoothie… because I couldn’t believe I hadn’t tried it yet! It was so good and felt like a treat… but maybe that was just 5 days of no sugar talking. There are quite a few recipes I will be adding into rotation and many more that I want to try.


Negative Calorie Detox -
I can’t believe I almost missed out on the delicious Spiced Apple Pie Smoothie.


Overall the Negative Calorie Detox was tough but worth it. I was able to break the sugar cycle and hope to continue to watch my sugar consumption. I did lose a few pounds, I noticed my clothes fit a little better and my face looked thinner (not exactly my problem area). I can’t imagine completing anther 5 days… a person can only drink so many smoothies.


I think the actual meal plan is much more doable. The recipes look delicious! I can’t wait to try the Spinach Pesto Pasta with Tomatoes (where you make your own pasta, but it looks surprisingly easy), the Kale, Red Onion and Tomato Frittata, and Pappaprdelle of Chicken with Winter Pesto… seriously looking at this book all week was torture!!


The best part of this detox was how it changed my thinking about the foods I was use to consuming and what the Smalls were eating. They tried and liked most of the smoothies (the Bloody Mary did not go over well). They also made better snack choices throughout the week. Since there were so many fruits and veggies ready for snacking, they were happy to have a plum instead of crackers or celery instead of a granola bar. I was so happy at the small changes they were making on their own. They still wanted treats of course, and I obliged. Everything is fine in moderation, but a few small changes can make a big difference.


Have you ever completed a detox? If so, what did you think? They certainly aren’t for everyone. Follow along with me on Facebook as I attempt to keep my sweet tooth under control and find more yummy clean eating recipes to share!






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