Project 365 Smalls: March Photo A Day Challenge

Project 365 Smalls: A Photo A Day Challenge -

Project 365 Smalls is in full swing. I have gotten so much better at remembering to take a photo a day for this challenge and love putting together these collages each month. The Smalls are great about reminding me that I haven’t taken their photo each day (they do love the camera, most days)!Check out our March recap for Project 365 Smalls: A Photo A Day Challenge Click To Tweet


Week 1: March brought the return of soccer and soccer practices for Noble. Gray insists on going to practice with him and sometimes wishes she had stayed home where it was warm and not dark, thank goodness Daylight Savings changed that. The Smalls had Donuts for Dad’s one morning at school, which they obviously enjoyed! Holliday now climbs on everything, no place is safe and I fear for her safety daily. Gray continued with ice skating, found out braiding her hair gives her waves, loves the banana phone joke and started “borrowing” my high heels (which is fine, seeing how I rarely wear them). Brad and I enjoyed a ski weekend with friends and on the very day we left, Gray fell on the sidewalk as she was running to the car. She was so excited that Grandma was picking her up, she tripped and scraped her poor nose from her eyebrow to the tip of her nose. Which happened to be right before picture day, so we will always be able to remember it. She was a trooper. The Smalls were spoiled by Grandma that weekend and we had a great time away.

Project 365 Smalls: A Photo A Day Challenge -


Week 2: This week construction on the home next door began and Holliday is fascinated by all of the big trucks and workers. It was really feeling like Spring, we played outside as much as possible and the Smalls are ready for the pool to be open. Holliday has got the hang of the Plasma Car and is pretty fearless. She is in full toddler mode with tantrums and getting into everything. Brad was traveling so Holliday had to go to drop off each morning and wanted to have a backpack like the big kids. Gray had a project on Pocahontas, she created a Power Point and at the last minute decided to dress the part too – which pleased me, my little girl is still there. While volunteering at the school library, we had a fire drill and I was lucky enough to witness Noble in action. He seems so grown up, not at all like the timid kid I took to the first day of Kindergarten.

Project 365 Smalls: A Photo A Day Challenge -


Week 3: St. Patrick’s Day, Soccer and the start of our 3 week Spring Break! Holliday had a sick day, which meant lots of cuddles for me. She never stops moving, so I cherished the moments I was able to hold her while she slept. Gray enjoyed cooking breakfast for everyone. She’s a pro at eggs now! While Spring brought some cold temps and lots of friends up North had a dusting of snow, we made our own snow in the bathtub. We had so much fun Painting at the Peach again, all three decorated an egg and enjoyed some frozen yogurt!

Project 365 Smalls: A Photo A Day Challenge -


Week 4:  Onto week 2 of Spring Break! Gray and Noble enjoyed a day of Farm Camp, they fed animals, went on hayrides, rode ponies, painted pots and planted sunflowers. They had a blast and had to introduce Holliday and I to every animal on the farm when we picked them up. Spring was in full bloom. Easter was laid back, we decorated eggs (you can see how that went here), had many egg hunts inside due to rain, and a great visit from the Easter Bunny! We were able to catch up with friends at the park on a beautiful day and spent a few mornings at the library. It was a great week to wrap up the month.

Project 365 Smalls: A Photo A Day Challenge -


Three months down, 9 more to go! You can catch up on Project 365 Smalls January and February. And join the fun on Facebook where I share my random thoughts, love of coffee and share cool things from around the blogosphere.







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