Project 365 Smalls: February Photo A Day Challenge

Project 365 Smalls: A Photo A Day Challenge

So it’s already the middle of March. How did that happen? Here’s a late recap of my February Photo A Day Challenge.


Week 1: Much to my liking, February started off with beautiful weather. We played outside as much as possible.  Holliday had her 18 month check up, she is growing and changing each day. Our daily dance parties continued. Super Bowl Sunday was a blast, except when Gray mistook Blue Cheese for Ranch… Noble thought it was hilarious! Noble lost his first tooth during the Super Bowl, so we had a visit from the Tooth Fairy!


Project 365 Smalls: February Photo A Day Challenge


Week 2: Another dose of cold weather brought on colds for almost everyone. The Smalls were getting excited for Valentine’s Day. They made their Valentine’s boxes and I tried my hand at Working Mom Magic’s 5 minute cake pops… they were a success and delicious! Holliday was able to party with Noble’s class, she loved sitting with the big kids. Fun at a bounce house birthday party, nightly dance offs and more ice skating. Gray gave everyone a lesson about Anger Mountain with acceptable ways to let it out (that’s why they are all screaming into pillows)!


Project 365 Smalls: February Picture A Day Challenge


Week 3: More amazing February weather. Holliday is obsessed with belly buttons (and not just her own). The boys headed to Charlotte for LEGO Kids Fest and had a blast while the girls and I stayed home and enjoyed all things girly. Princess movies, tea parties, manicures and I introduced Gray to Full House. I was on my own for the rest of the week while Brad was on a business trip. A week of earlier mornings, packing lunches, and drop off with all 3 kids had me exhausted by 9am! I married a morning person for a reason;) Noble had another visit from the Tooth Fairy and Gray took up permanent residence in my bed each evening to watch Full House… I have created a monster.


Project 365 Smalls: February Photo A Day Challenge


Week 4:  We have another budding artist on our hands, Holliday and I enjoyed an afternoon out Painting at the Peach. She loves to color and write with her brother and sister. Now I have to keep the markers under lock and key. Noble has been reading non-stop, he reads on the way to school, as soon as he gets home and before bed… I love it! Holliday sees the big kids reading so much that I caught her reading to her baby (cuteness overload!) Noble and Gray  spent a Sunday out with Dad, they went bowling and ice skating… but the only pictures were of them eating!! In an effort to declutter, I asked Gray if she was ready to pass down her dollhouse (she hadn’t played with it in months) she proceeded to clean it out and has played with it every day since. Which secretly pleases me so much, she is growing up so fast so I cherish each remaining piece of my little girl. <3


Project 365 Smalls: February Photo A Day Challenge


And that’s it, the shortest month of the year is over and we are well into March! It’s crazy to see how much The Smalls have already changed since I began this challenge in January.  Join me in the challenge, it’s easier to capture everyday moments than I thought! I love that the pictures haven’t be perfect, but they have been perfectly The Smalls! Make sure to join my Facebook page for behind the scenes stuff, fun activities to do with your kids and random ramblings… which is how my mind works;)







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