Word A Day Blog Challenge: Acceptance

Word A Day Challenge

I have decided to challenge myself this month by joining Verified Mom‘s Word A Day Blog Challenge. As I’m learning more about blogging, I have found content is key. The problem with that is I am often struck with writer’s block. So I’m hoping that joining this challenge will help with my writing and hold me accountable to actually completing it. If you are looking to start writing or need some help with getting the writing juices flowing, join us this month. Today’s word is Acceptance.

Word A Day Challenge Prompts
Word A Day Challenge Prompts from @Verified Mom


When I think of acceptance, I think of a desire. Something most people want. People long for acceptance.


From a very early age we want to be liked and accepted by our peers. The middle school and high school years are the worst. You feel weird and you wonder if everyone else thinks you are weird. The thing is, everyone is awkward at those ages and wondering the same thing. If you are lucky you find a group that accepts your weirdness (because we are ALL weird) and if you are really lucky you find a group that celebrates that weirdness. Because it may not feel like it during the middle or high school years, but #weirderisbetter!!


As we grow up our desire for acceptance doesn’t go away. We want to be accepted by our partner, our work colleagues, our community, and our friends. But we are stronger in our convictions and know that we don’t have to agree with everyone or like all of the same things to be accepted. Our social circles would be very boring if we were only hanging out with people who thought and acted just like us.


True acceptance is being able to respect people for who they are without conditions. Accept people for their limitations. Accept that everyone is flawed. Accept that people may never change. If we accepted people more for who they truly are, the world would be a much better place.


And most importantly, we should all strive for self-acceptance. Knowing that you are good. That you are enough. That you have value to offer. Accept who you are. Be true to yourself and you will always find your people. The ones that celebrate the weirdly, wonderful you.







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