Sunday Prep: 5 Steps To A Smoother Week

Sunday Prep: 5 Steps to a Smoother Week

“A Sunday well spent brings a week of content.”


I adore that quote and as a mom I live by it. In my book, Sundays are meant to relax as a family and get ready for the busy week ahead. Here are my Sunday Prep tips to have a smoother week.


Sunday Prep: 5 Steps to a Smoother Week


Sunday Prep: 5 Steps to a Smoother Week

Pick out clothes for the week: Every Sunday the Smalls and I pick out 5 outfits for the week. We take into consideration the weather and PE days as they select their clothes for the week, all the way down to underpants, socks, shoes, and hair accessories. We hang each outfit on a hanger and hang them in each of their closets in order from left to right. Then each morning they can quickly get dressed on their own. It’s a huge time saver and helps reduce arguments over what to wear since they do not wear uniforms to school.


Sunday Prep: Picking out clothes for the week

Sunday Prep: Picking out clothes for the week


I do the same for myself. I set out 5 workout outfits and regular outfits for the week. Some days don’t require both, so they carry over to the next week. I’m not nearly as detailed in my own attire as the kids, but I do cover the basic outfit components which saves me from my indecisiveness in the morning hours.


Sunday Prep: Workout clothes for the week


Meal Plan and Prep: I usually meal plan on Wednesday when the new grocery store sales begin. Then I begin making our list and our online grocery order (This has saved me so much time and money. No impulse purchases and I can add to it during the week as we run out of things or special requests.)

Sundays are spent prepping hard boiled eggs, quinoa, chicken, cutting up fruits and veggies to be used during the week. I also take into account what our evenings look like with sports and other events. I premake  3 or 4 lunches for my husband and I, otherwise we make poor food choices, skip meals or go out to eat.


Sunday Prep: Meal Prep


Backpack Check: Since we have 2 in school, there are always papers to be signed, things to be returned, library books, and on and on. We go through their binders on Friday after school and I try to sign everything, take out their reusable snack bags so they can be washed and put away/throw away all of the worksheets and artwork that comes home. If I don’t deal with it immediately it starts to pile up.

Sunday night we make sure all library books are in the backpack and they pick out 5 snacks to take for the week. We put Monday’s snack in their backpack so the only thing they have to add in the mornings are their lunchboxes.


Sunday Prep: Backpacks ready


Planner Update: I’m a total planner nerd! I love a pretty planner and this year I am LOVING the Hourly Week Layout of my Erin Condren LifePlanner – save $10 on your own planner here. Since we have many appointments, business meetings, training calls, practices, birthday parties, classroom responsibilities, and travel commitments between 5 people, having an hourly breakdown has helped me keep things orderly and on track.

On Sunday, I fill in the details of our week and make sure we are all on the same page. I transfer important reminders for the following week, put my top 3 must do’s in the margins and pretty it up with some cute stickers. It takes 15 minutes and I enjoy it.


Sunday Prep: Planner updates for the week
Save $10 on your own Erin Condren LifePlanner

Sunday Prep: Planner Update


Plan Workouts: The only way I have been able to stick with exercising over the last year is my planning for my workouts. If you don’t know about my love for TIU now you can read more about it here. One of my favorite things is that they put together a weekly schedule and give a few options.

The new schedule is released every Sunday. I check it out and then look at my own schedule and commitments for the week. I follow as closely to their published schedule as possible, it’s easier that way. I select the quicker workouts on my busier days and make any adjustments to classes or runs depending on the weather (I loathe the treadmill, so I try to avoid it as much as I can.). By setting up my workout schedule, I am less likely to skip a workout or get stuck in a rut of doing the same workouts.


Sunday Prep: 5 Steps to a Smoother Week


With a little bit of prep and planning our week runs so much smoother. I am not at all a morning person (working on it), so getting up and going before my tiny human alarm clocks doesn’t happen often. Having things set up for smooth mornings has been key to not running around like a crazy person before school. Knowing everyone has what the need to have a successful week makes life much easier on all of us.


Hope these tips can help you too! Please share with anyone that could use a smoother start to their week!






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