Project 365 Smalls: January Photo A Day Challenge

Project 365 Smalls: A Photo A Day Challenge January

I did it!! I successfully completed the first month of my Project 365 Smalls: photo a day challenge. Taking one photo of each kid EVERY SINGLE DAY in the month of January. It wasn’t exactly hard, but there were some days that I remembered right at bedtime – note sleeping and/or pajama clad children.


Week 1: We were getting into our groove of taking a photo a day. The Smalls were still on Winter Break, so I had all day to snap a photo. We were getting ready to go back to school, so they needed haircuts. And the only way to entertain the littlest one during those haircuts was to feed her, notice those chipmunk cheeks! Holliday started giving hugs this week and I was able to catch that sweet moment with her brother! We did a packing night at NourishNC, a local organization that helps feed hungry children in our area. I love that they willing to have the Smalls help and the Smalls enjoy doing it and can’t wait to go back.


Project 365 Smalls - A photo a day challenge


Week 2: Our last few days of Winter Break, we enjoyed lazy movie days and playing at home. Gray went to a sleepover. Back to school and our regular routine. Holliday certainly missed them those first few days, she kept checking their rooms. She kept herself busy with many games of Peek-A-Boo and playing with all their toys.


Project 365 Smalls - A Photo a Day Challenge


Week 3: This week it was Noble’s turn for a movie and a sleepover. While he was gone, Gray and I had a spa night. Holliday has been getting into everything!! Welcome to toddlerhood where everything is a challenge. Football ruled our weekend. Gray and I were disappointed our Steelers didn’t make it to the Championship and Noble was bummed Green Bay didn’t get there either.


Project 365 Smalls - A Photo A Day Challenge


Week 4: This was the week I was reminded how fast they are growing up. Another sleepover for Gray, Birthday party for Noble and Preschool registration for Holliday!! Noble learned how to tie his shoes. Gray and I had a great girls day, she really is a little lady and a pleasure to take out. I need to be better about taking the older two out on special adventures more regularly. We enjoyed a few days of warm January weather with lots of time outside.


Project 365 Smalls - A Photo A Day Challenge


Week 5: January went by really fast. The last week was pretty normal, thankfully we were able to stay outside a lot. Noble helped rake leaves… and was actually a big help! Holliday figured out how to climb onto the Lego table, much to the dislike of her brother. And we enjoyed a weekend without any plans!! Which happens so rarely, we were able to have lots of family time and enjoy the amazing weather.


Project 365 Smalls - A Photo A Day Challenge


One month down…11 to go!! I am really enjoying capturing these moments and can’t wait to see what the finished project looks like. It’s not too late to join me and challenge yourself to a photo a day in February (it’s the shortest month, so why not give it a try) use #365smalls to let me know you are in!

Project 365 Smalls: A Photo A Day Challenge January






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