Gratitude with a Twist

Gratitude with a Twist - Sometimes a change in perspective makes all the difference.

It’s that time of year again, Halloween has passed and the Holiday Season is upon us. I love the holidays, but Thanksgiving happens to be my favorite. I love the traditions, the food and the fact that it’s the one holiday not centered around gifts or sweets. (But bring on the carbs!) Since November 1st my social media feeds have been flooded with posts of gratitude, which is lovely to see. Of course people are grateful for all of the wonderful blessings they have in life and it’s fantastic that so many are making an effort… but after reading so many similar posts year after year, it starts to feel a little empty.

A while ago, I noticed my friend, Lisa, posting about challenging situations throughout the year. Something we are use to seeing on Facebook… but Lisa’s posts were different. She acknowledged the challenge and at the same time found a way to be grateful for it. These posts always jumped out at me, how was she so upbeat and thankful for each of these situations? I always liked her posts and commented on how positive she was… and when November rolled around and she posted again, I asked her what the deal was.

Thankfully, Lisa is a good friend and was more than willing to explain. A few years back she wanted to make a change and set a good example for her daughter, whom she noticed was having a hard time seeing the bright side of things. Lisa is a self proclaimed “anxiety ridden, impatient pessimist”, which you would never know by her killer smile and adorable dimples, so finding the positive in things doesn’t come easy.

“The whole concept is that instead of posting your typical “thankful” post, you pick the thing that made you crazy that day, that ruffled your feathers, that would typically have ruined your day – and you TRY to find the good in it. It could be as simple as someone cut me off in traffic, but I am grateful I have a reliable vehicle to drive and great music to listen to on my way to work. It’s important to start small – chores mean we have belongings to care for, rain means trees can grow and we can have air to breath, a dirty kid means they were able to explore and learn… and so on. You can’t force yourself to become a positive person overnight, it takes practice.”


To me, this is such an amazing, yet simple, concept and it just takes a little change in perspective. It may take more than 30 days to accomplish this, but that’s another reason why you should try it all year long. Gratitude should exist daily, not just in the month of November.

One thing Lisa said really struck me, “Finding hope and awareness that each moment has something good in it, is a journey. But just changing my perspective on one small thing a day, snowballed into me really changing how I viewed life.” Find the good.

One of my favorite sayings <3
One of my favorite sayings <3

So for my Gratitude Challenge, I’m challenging myself to change my perspective in the difficult and challenging situations. I will find the good in the undesired moments. I will take this journey, which I already know won’t be easy. And I would love if you would try it too… who knows what could happen?



p.s. Comment below or on my FB page with your change of perspective, I’ll be posting mine on my Kate & Smalls FB page! Can’t wait to see who’s up for the challenge!






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